I love burlesque for the same reason I love drag queens. The costumes, the make-up, and the badass attitude on stage! They’re sassy divas who have you by the balls. Their attitude is unbeatable!

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to watch a Romantasy Cabaret show. In love with the movie Burlesque (ok, so the story was cheesy but the performances and costumes were legit!), I invited the girls for a girl’s night out. I finally found an excuse to wear the pink wig I bought 2 years ago, and I can’t believe I waited this long.

We came in before the show started, and some of the ladies were walking around welcoming us to the show and complimenting the pink wig. I felt like a doll! The ladies were personable and totally fun to talk to! We were able to take just a few pictures with them during breaks.

With Mercy Beacoup
With Anita Cocktail
love the kiss mark!

The show was hosted by Lucy Morals, and she was definitely a character on stage. She engaged the audience very well with her slapstick comedy, and I looked forward to hearing her speak after every act. They had a variety of shows from tap dance to a live silent movie act and, of course, the striptease. I always wish the acts were longer¬† (I couldn’t get enough), but that’s what makes it a tease, right? The entire show was very theatrical, and got better and naughtier as the night went on. Romantasy Cabaret had the right dose of dirty jokes while keeping classy, which is exactly the way I see burlesque.

For more Romantasy Cabaret pictures: Romantasy Cabaret March


And what was Ray doing? Having a blast with the boys at Big Bear. There is always a story behind every Bear trip. DJs, sexy snowboarders, great vibe, and of course some epic terrain park progressions. This mountain is nothing, but fun!

 How was your weekend? Has the spring sprung for you? What did you do for spring break?

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