How do you convince thousands of broke college students to donate to charity? Start the Arizona State University’s Undie Run. You show up on the field, listen to DJs, strip your clothes, and run around campus! The clothes you strip will be donated to charity. Their motto fits perfectly, “Undressing to dress others.” The event happens around semester finals to help students get rid of stress while helping the less fortunate. I’ve gone twice (I just love donating to charity!), and the second event I attended was 10 times bigger than the first one! Hooray for charity!

Check out what we donated:

The night gets crazier and crazier! People love dressing up in costumes! This has got to be one of the partiest college donation event ever!

And they have some pretty amazing DJs. The party gets bigger and bigger throughout the night! Check out the crowd in this panoramic snapshot:

Their mission statement: The objective of this organization is to unite ASU students through an expression of freedom and caring for those less fortunate, regardless of differences such as race, sex, age, and religion. This will be completed in an annual event on the last day of spring semester classes in which students gather to donate the clothing off their backs to charity and celebrate the end of the school year.

The next Undie Run is coming up soon! Are you going to donate?

Date: May 2011

Life Experience: Running on ASU campus in your undies and not get arrested

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