Go Bananas for Dada!

Last Saturday, I was given the opportunity to dance at Wet Electric: a massive pool party held at Wet n Wild. Guess who was headlining? The motherf’n Dada! I want an excuse to make more costumes, so I’m back to go go dancing and what an insane first day back! I was happily lucky with special thanks to Eventvibe for getting this gig.

I arrived at the event around 4PM to look for Lizzums. This busy lady was in charge of the go gos for Wet Electric. Irene, my go go partner for the day, arrived soon after. I slapped on some more sunblock and deodorant to get ready for the heat. Lizz met us and did some fabulousness to our hair, gave us our outfits (made by Framptastic Inc), and we were ready to go. We pranced around to the Cosmic Cove stage. I loved our outfits with the cute half tutu in the back!

With My Partner in Go Go Crime - so hot, it's criminal!

The conditions were brutal at 102 Fahrenheit weather, and I don’t know how the girls in the afternoon shift did it! I got on stage at 5:30PM and was covered in sweat after 5 minutes. I must have drank water every 5 seconds while on stage. Everyone needs to give props to these hardworking ladies for giving you hot and sweaty dancing entertainment without passing out on stage! It was beyond ridiculous, but what made it worthwhile was the crazy crowd splashing around in the water. Every time the bass dropped, the splashes got crazier. I wanted to join them!

The funniest part of the day was when a guy from the crowd put his hand by his ear and gave me the “Call me” sign. Then, he started flashing numbers using his fingers. All I could do was smile. Oh, the adventures of go go dancing.

I absolutely enjoyed dancing for Arty and Dada Life at the Monsoon Bay stage. I also had the opportunity to dance for John 00 Fleming and Christopher Lawrence at the Cosmic Cove stage. There’s nothing like dancing to DJs who know how to work the crowd. When Dada Life came on, the main stage was covered in bananas. Yes, real bananas.

Banana fana fo-Dada

A surprise at the end of the night was seeing a former go go dancer come back to Eventvibe. I’m glad I’m not the only one! She came back not with go go boots, but with a camera. Thanks to B.Y. Photography for snapping these shots, and making my legs look great! =P

And thanks to my lovable bf for coming out to snap some go go photos in the day time! <3

A break from the heat

Thanks to everyone who was a part of helping out the go go dancers. Special props to the ones who brought our dinner. We can’t dance without sustenance!

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Has anyone gone to a Wet Electric event? Did you enjoy splashing around in the water?

Date: April 21, 2012

Location: Glendale, AZ

Life Experience: Go Go Dancing at Wet Electric


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