What a great Saturday it was. After spending time going out with friends for a few weekends in a row, Ray and I ended up with a Saturday all to ourselves. We went to a Poi workshop where we got to take Beginning Poi and Partner Poi. Having Ray try a poi class with me filled me up with giggles! The Partner Poi class was also beyond incredible! Spinning poi with him is a new connection we’ve never tried until last Saturday.

Afterwards, we tried to hop into a pool only to realize that the tree blocks the sun’s heat around 5PM. It was too cold, so we opted to watch a movie instead. We grubbed at Sweet Tomatoes for some delicious healthiness to equalize the alcohol from Friday night.

We realized that we were practically matching with him wearing blue and me wearing yellow. Ray suggested a photoshoot with our colors, and I wanted to add more style to it. On the way to the movie theaters, we stopped at Claire’s Accessories and grabbed two sunglasses. We opted for the hip, trendy ones to play with an overused word that everyone makes fun of, yet uses anyway! “Swag” eye wear. You know which ones I’m talking about. Ray already owns a black pair, so I went for the pink one. He also found these killer ones! If you’re going to EDC this year, you might wanna grab a pair. I can’t tell you what it looks like through it. Just find one!

Watched the Hunger Games, and I couldn’t help but want to live in that era for the make up and costume (minus the political craziness!). They were futuristic without looking too cheesy. I loved the colors they used and the costume design was just unexplainable. I wanna look through this movie’s closet!

We came home around midnight and still had the energy for a photoshoot. It was almost like I got gifted a great Saturday made only for me.

Can you guess my favorite picture from this set? I gush and melt over this pic every time I see it! >_<

Titled: Midnight Ring Light Swag

Date: April 7, 2012

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