Whoever says EDC is just about the drugs is not doing it right. Music, DJs, costumes, friends, new friends, art installations, carnival rides, fireworks, performers…Art threw up at EDC, and I’m gonna shower in it. We went with over 10 fun-loving people, and we all did something to prepare. Some of us went to the gym and officially worked out for the first time in our lives. We worked out for our bodies to be able to handle 12 hours of hardcore partying for three days in a row. Some of us worked out to look better in our outfits. Some of us learned how to sew in order to make our costumes. Some of us learned to create costumes for the first time. Some of us dressed up in banana costumes for the first time. A lot of us went outside of our comfort zones. EDC pushed us to level-up in our lives, and we all had an unforgettable weekend!

Even with the ups and downs this year, it’s difficult not to have fun at Electric Daisy Carnival. The name of that festival alone should be enough to get you to buy a ticket! All it is, is a massive, well-organized party. Parties have DJs, this one happens to have hundreds of them. Parties have food and alcohol, this one happens to have smoothies, carnival food, bars, and free water. Great parties have entertainment, this one happens to have carnival rides, art installations, and performers (fire dancers, go go dancers, professional costumes). Great parties end at the break of dawn, this party happens to be from 7pm – 7am. And with so many people, you’d think there would be fights, long lines to the bathroom, etc etc. I didn’t see any fights, and there were barely any lines to take a tinkle. Insomniac provides so many porta potties, it wasn’t a problem leaving a stage because you know you would be back soon.

One of the many amazing stages

You will meet some of the nicest people since we all came here to have a good time. We feel silly in our costumes already, so why not act silly, too? You can dress like anything you want to. Since you feel free to express yourself with no one to judge, you don’t wanna judge anyone else for expressing themselves either. You feel like everyone is just having loads of fun, and you can’t hate on that! You will see smiles everywhere. People dancing like crazy, jumping up and down because your body just can’t contain that much happiness. A million compliments are exchanged between strangers. It’s an overall positively hyped vibe that you can’t get enough of!

As a connoisseur of fun, it made me scream when I saw one of the free-water refill station attendants start spraying the crowd with water from one of the water hoses! Now, it’s an outta control party! I love it when people break the rules for good time’s sake! I’ve always thought that there may be too many rules here lately for safety or because someone might sue them. People might have forgotten to just let it go and have fun! So break the rules every once in awhile!

Our crew has been told to be one of the best to go to these events with. Bragging rights! Ask anyone! We’re out here to soak up the fun while looking out for each other! Different rave personas mixed into one group. The guy that loses his shirt, resident “Dirty Girl” who makes out with someone out of nowhere (not much of a surprise), the hype guy yelling about good times and great DJs, and jumping up and down like his life depends on how hard you rocked out, the guy who loves taking amazing pictures and filming the experience (very important job for memory’s sake), the costume expert, the lightshow master, the dancer, etc. I absolutely love our group!

There are so many funny memories! The time when Andrew was in the back of the car freaking out, all sweaty, wide-eyed. You just had to be there! Celeste and Sara B. holding their heads yelling to Bassnectar saying, “We’re not ready! We’re not ready!” when he asked, “Are you ready?!?!?” Seriously, Bassnectar. You have some crazy build up to your bass drops! Got Sara B. saying, “His music is like an abusive relationship! He slaps you with bass then turns around to caress you and tell you it’s all okay!” Ben yelling, “Be a beacon! Be a beacon of light!” He almost got lost in the crowd, dancing like crazy!

The craziest part about the whole weekend?!?!? We were able to keep all 14 people together pretty much the whole night. We split up a few times, but we all knew where the meeting spots were. The first flower around the Kinetic Field. The LED palm trees in the beginning of the night. The big LED daisy by the Circuit Grounds stage. In front of the water refill station by Neon Garden. Somehow, we all got to see most of the DJs we individually wanted to see and kept the group together! Last year’s EDC, we didn’t even see most of our group the whole night! Even more awesome is that we saw A LOT of our friends from Arizona that we didn’t go to the event with. The banana costumes helped out since all of them just looked for bananas and found us! We got told plenty of times, “Thank goodness for the banana costumes or we might not have found you guys!” Thank you inventor of the banana costume!

A little surprise! My favorite Burning Man art car made it to EDC! El Pulpo! It’s too bad, it’s caged up this time. It’s still sits in all its badass glory! Read about our adventure with this art car here!

Coming back to reality from the event and getting a text message saying, “I finally know what YOLO means!” is an amazing feeling for us event planners! Ray and I wanted everyone to have a good time, and it was a breeze. You really do only live once. You might have been a piece of rock in your past life and a fly in your next life. You might be in heaven at any time. Whatever it is you believe in, you’re only conscious here on Earth once! Spend it doing what makes YOU happy, and spend it with the people YOU love! Try not to live life by someone else’s rules or you might wake up regretting what you could have done. Live it up!

As always, thanks to Ray for creating such amazing pictures. Props to our east coast friends who made it out all the way from Jersey! Kou and Jessie! We will see you guys, again somewhere in the world!

Did any of you go to EDC this year? What was your favorite part? Who did you come to see? Did you dress up in a costume? Keep the positive vibes going and share with us here!

‘Til next adventure!

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Life Experience: Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

Date: June 8-10, 2012

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