Announcements Before Our Big Trip

Aug 28, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Life Experiences

As we are getting ready to head out to the Philippines tomorrow morning, there will be a brief break on my posts here on WorldTag. I am not sure how much internet access we will have while there, but we will try to post photos on instagram and facebook. So follow us!

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For “More Fun in the Philippines” photos, click here.

What photos will we have? You’ll just have to follow and see! We will be hanging out in the city as well as seeing some tropical island views. The Filipino in us is shaking in anticipation and eager to share pictures with all of you!

As for those who are heading out to Burning Man this week, we envy you and we know you will have a great time! Check out my photographer’s Spank Bank camp in the morning, and the Dancetronaut’s at night! Talk and meet as many people as possible and ride a mutant vehicle! It’s hard not to have fun at Burning Man, so try not to be so depressed when you get back in a week! =)

Thank you Worldtag readers! I hope your upcoming Labor Day holiday will be a great one!


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