I am in sheer shock and disbelief that we got offered tickets to Burning Man just now… but we can’t go since we booked the flight to the Philippines on the 29th. I am at a loss for words…

Anyone who has gone to Burning Man knows how I feel right now. I am sure there are hundreds of people that would have loved to hear this news and taken the opportunity to go. Burning Man is my being’s home. I felt the most like myself biking around Burning Man than I have ever felt in my entire life. On the other hand, the Philippines is my cultural home. It will remind me of why I am the way I am to begin with. These places are of equal importance to me. If I was missing Burning Man for any other place, it would be for the Philippines.

As you may or may not know, Burning Man changed their ticket purchases to a lottery system for 2012. This means that people sign up to get a ticket, their names get put into a lottery system and Burning Man randomly draws the names. With social media being a strong part of the web, Burning Man drew a record 40% newbies entering in the new lottery system this year. Ray and I did not get our tickets during the first round. To read more about the ticket issue, click here.

We still had a chance to sign up for the Secure Ticket Exchange Program to participate this year. To our dismay, a lot of veteran Burners did not get their tickets, and we feel as though they are deserving of it more than we are. They are the ones who make the event what it is, setting up mutant vehicles, theme camps, events, and nightclubs. Even my favorite mutant vehicle nightclub, The Dancetronauts, did not get enough tickets this year for the nightclub to operate at Burning Man. With so many virgins going this year, it would be disappointing if they did not experience what we experienced on our first time. Burning Man ended up offering long term camps tickets in order to make sure that the Burning Man culture is intact. I’ve heard good news that camps are going to actually be present this year, some of which only half of the members will get tickets. The burner who offered us the tickets are in an amazingly fun and goofy camp, and I am very happy that they are going to be there this year.

Photo by fellow first time burner: Maurice Elmaleh

For my psyche and emotional needs, I am going to be telling myself that things happen for a reason! When I found out about Burning Man, I was not able to go until the 3rd year. The first year, I skipped since I couldn’t afford it. I skipped the second year in order to go to Europe to study abroad and to attend La Tomatina. I finally went the third year with the love of my life. It has been said that Burning Man 2010 was the best year to have gone! There were more art installations than there has ever been. The giant dust storms also did not happen that year. AND most importantly, I was able to go with the love of my life. Had I gone the first year, he would not have been there for my first burn. I hadn’t met him, yet. He is the only person that allows me to be myself 100% before we even went to Burning Man together. We hold the same life values, yet we see the world differently and do things differently, so I am continually learning from him and seeing the world through a different lens. He’s the best person to have gone to Burning Man with, so I firmly believe that things happen for a reason. Who knows? Maybe the people who will get those 2 tickets that we, unfortunately, can’t accept will benefit Burning Man in a big way.

One more reason for us not to go is to teach ourselves not to be so spoiled and bratty! We haven’t really sacrificed too many trips. We are addicted to traveling so much so that I will owe my company vacation hours when I get back from the Philippines! Not being able to go to Burning Man is a great sacrifice for us, but it will teach us that you can’t have everything. This will allow me to really appreciate Burning Man next year, and work on my crafty side to prepare for the festival better. I will be making more costumes and making gifts for the burners in 2013. Ray is continually improving on his photography in a major way! Burning Man has inspired us to follow our hearts and do what we love to do. Check out what I do for fun here and check out Ray’s hobbies here. Let’s pray that the ticketing system will allow us 2 tickets for the next burn! See you all next year!

For the newbies going this year: A Virgin’s Guide to Burning Man by Gone With The Wynns

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