Great news everyone! Ray and I are featured on Lightning in a Bottle‘s cover page on facebook! Great delight! Our art became a part of a greater art community! Just check out the mural done by Android Jones behind my jump! You can tell that this art community is too legit! A serious achievement attained!

Ray and I have been working on our art in the past couple of months. His photography is becoming more and more popular, and I am working on becoming a better model and dancer. Traveling and going to these festivals have motivated us to do what we love to do. The creative art, music, and people we surrounded ourselves with has taught us that there is more to life than sitting in an office working for the money. Doing what ultimately makes us happy has helped us really accept ourselves for who we are despite societal constraints.

We are currently trying to balance our work, our hobbies, traveling, family, friends, and time for each other. It has been a challenge, but we are slowly getting there! Transitions in life is always a fun adventure!

If you’d like to check out more of our work, go ahead and like us on facebook:

Thank you for all your love and support! I hope we continue to entertain you in every way! What has traveling taught you recently?

Alexis + Ray Collaboration

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