What I love most about music festivals are the pretty lights at night! Lightning in a Bottle was no exception. Some out of this world artwork and amazing lighting! They really are professionals about lights. If you guys haven’t heard of The Do Lab, check them out now! Everything was lit perfectly in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Make sure you watch the videos included here!

The Squiggs

The first thing I see coming downhill. These whimsical “Squiggs” glow vibrantly at night!

The Lounge

I believe this was brought in by the campers at LiB. The Lounge is a place to party morning and night, complete with couches, DJs, and furry people. The lighting at this lounge is so alien, it inspired this night time article! I want these light fixtures in my room!

The Woogie Stage

This stage is a 24 hour party. Day and night, music is bumping and people are dancing at the Woogie Stage. If it’s quiet anywhere else, you can always count on the Woogie Stage as the place to party! Don’t be surprised if you’re completely entranced by the lighting at this stage. Sometimes,  you forget you’re on Earth with these earthlings.


Possibly my top favorite artwork at Lightning in a Bottle this year. This artwork does not only entertain, a short excerpt teaches a message that will forever be in my mind. Everything on Earth is made up of stars including us, the people. We could turn into dust at any moment, so we should be grateful of the short time we have here as conscious beings. There is a possibility of a universal catastrophe that can destroy our little rock called Earth, so let’s make the best of the time we have here. Don’t take life so seriously since there is no real reason why we’re here. In other words…have fun and party while you still can!

Here’s a video of it:

Lightning in a Bottle 2012 – Star Art Structure from Ray Villaraza on Vimeo.

The Archway

I first saw this wonderful piece of wooden art at Burning Man, and why wouldn’t they wanna use it again? To get from the Bamboo Stage to the Lightning Stage, you must pass through this archway. The colors fade from one color to the next, blending ever so smoothly.

This Physics Masterpiece

Okay, so I don’t really know what this one is called. People at LiB are in love with physics and making things work without an engine. Here, you’ll find two monkeys (ok guys dressed up as monkeys) riding around in this contraption, using their weight to make it roll around.

You’re allowed to ride it also. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to. There was just so much to do! Here is a video, so you can see how it works:

Lightning in a Bottle 2012 from Ray Villaraza on Vimeo.


Uphill artwork

Uphill provides the most serene music. Every time I go uphill, I always get the feeling of “this day is wonderful and perfect,” and I’m happy. Just like that! …actually, can I have this artwork be placed in my house please?

I will go back to Lightning in a Bottle for their amazing design! It’s hard not to appreciate everything because they’re so damn perfect! I miss my camping neighbors, the yoga teacher, the spinning friends, the weather, the sun, the night, the lighting…I could go on forever! It’s these events in my life that make me appreciate living. Another reminder for me to work to live, not live to work. This is much more rewarding.

Date: May 24-28, 2012

Location: Southern California

Life Experience: Lightning in a Bottle

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