Hi Guys! We’re finally back from our three week vacation to our home country! This is the first day I’ve actually seen daylight in the US. We arrived Thursday night at 11:59PM and have been sleeping the day away. I’m trying so hard to stay awake right now as I sleep like a baby during the day and awake like an owl at 3AM! Not even Nyquil can put me to sleep. I have also been congested since I returned. I can’t wait to feel better to tell you all about our trip!

We experienced a lot. From crazy weather (earthquake, floods) to beach sports (wakeboarding, parasailing) to cultural differences (education, religion), it’s been an unbelievable ride! Traveling to far places constantly reminds me that there is another world out there. Not only do you have to see the beautiful sights you might not have known existed, you also have to see a different culture to become more understanding of the different people here in the United States. It also opens up your eyes to how lucky we really are to have so much convenience here in the US, and how that positively or negatively impacts the US culture.

With that said, I’m sure some of you have seen the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” ads running around the internet. Although there may be certain inconveniences like earthquakes, floods, traffic that Filipinos have to deal with, they have nothing else to do but to laugh. This is a reminder of why my family does nothing but mess around during parties. The Filipinos we met, the tour guides, the drivers, I feel like they don’t take their jobs seriously. They make fun of each other, they sing even if they don’t have a great voice (no wonder karaoke is so famous here!), they whistle… Everyone is just having a good time with every thing. Making fun of everyone is something I did not forget for the 15 years I’ve been living in Arizona. Before we took this trip, I kept telling Ray, “In the US, you’re too afraid to make fun of anybody because they’ll get ‘offended’. In the Philippines, everyone makes fun of everyone and if you get mad, they make fun of you even more! So when you’re older, you get thicker skin and you’re not too sensitive.” I miss that culture, but I can see why it would be difficult in a country where everyone has different beliefs. If only we all believed in a good time.

Anyway, here is an intro video I’d like to show. It may or may not entertain you, but as a traveler, this is the first time I’ve seen comedy be added to a flight safety video! It cracked me up! Another reason why “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.”

Pictures are being edited. Please be patient! We took over 3000 photos, and Ray has to filter through them and edit them. As for the food checklist, we checked off quite a few but didn’t finish.

Is there anything you are dying to know about our trip? Ask questions here!


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