A sign for a bakery in Boracay Beach Resort: Happiness is a piece of cake.
…indeed it is.
It’s beginning to get very difficult for me to explain how unreal adventuring can be.
Life is happening right now! And you’re here, 50ft up in the air, deep water below, the boatmen dancing far in front. You look up and the spectacular view of the island is right there. Views that you thought were only in pictures and in movies. Those places are real! No need for CGI, Earth is naturally breathtaking. And you’re looking at it, in real life.
This is you. You’re here. Parasailing.
Someone pinch me.
The secret to happiness? Just go out and do it! Try everything with an open mind and a good mood! If you say, “This will be a great experience,” you will find all the positive reasons why that adventure exists. It exists for a reason, right? Because people love it!
Ray continued to conquer his fear of heights with this parasailing experience. We really were flying up there! Even I got nauseous! But after you’ve taken your deep breath and gotten over the fear and the nauseating feeling, the view is spectacular! With the wind in your hair and the heat of the sun in your face, you’ll feel like life is just unreal.
Ever been parasailing? What’s your number one tip for newbies? If not, would you ever try it?
Date: September 12, 2012
Location: Boracay, Philippines
Life Experience: Parasailing
Diamond water sports

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