So I wasn’t gonna celebrate my 26th birthday, but I heard “Sweet Caroline” on the drive to work. “Ping!” IDEA! Karaoke at Geisha A Go Go for Happy Hour Sunday. Half off the karaoke room, half off the sushi, and half off the drinks! What could be better?

Ray also starts his new job on Monday, so it’s time we celebrate! By conquering one of our fears: singing karaoke. I know what you’re thinking, “You’re asian and you’re afraid of your own machine?” Well, we’re both pretty tone deaf so it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. Thank goodness for bad acoustics inside the private karaoke rooms at Geisha A Go Go, we were all able to sing that night! The microphone got passed around, grabbed, stolen…it was a slut that night!

Check out how the room is set up. It is complete with 2 TVs, 1 stage and 1 pole!

Ray takes advantage of the pole

We took part in the half off sushi and drink specials!

Half off!
Obligatory Toast Photo

I swear, there was sushi!

I only had one rule: Everyone in the room must sing-a-long with the microphone holder. A rule that is an unwritten one in other countries I’ve done karaoke at. A MUST!

Off to the singing! The best karaoke songs were chosen! Including Sweet Caroline, Summer Nights, You’re the One That I Want, Bohemian Rhapsody, Give it Away Now, Anyway You Want It, The Real Slim Shady, Rolling on the River…

We must be amazing at getting people to come out of their shell because some crazy things happened:

I wonder what song this was for…
Leathers on the pole
Alice gets on the pole
Edgar’s night

For those of you looking to get crazy with a few friends, I highly suggest Geisha A Go Go’s Happy Hour Sundays! It’s cheap, it’s in a private room, it’s sushi, and it’s half off drinks! What’s even better is that the acoustics were so bad in the room, the person can’t be too embarrassed to sing since no one can really hear them anyway! It’s perfect for karaoke beginners, looking to party.

The night was a success! There were people who said, “I’ve never done karaoke before!!” “Best idea ever!!” “I wanna rent this room out for my birthday!” and of course, “This is the best karaoke party I’ve ever been to!” We’re flattered! How I felt at the end of the night:

I get high with a little help from my friends

A quick reminder: It’s not just the place, it’s the people that make it awesome!

We only had the room for 2 hours, and it wasn’t enough. These kids wanted an after party, so we headed out to Firehouse. DJ Steel killed it on the turntables!!

Finally got to party with this chick:

Loca Chica

Everyone said: This girl was the life of the party!

End of the night photo goes to:

Thanks to this guy for making everything possible. I’d be a mess without you, my unicorn!

Thanks to everyone who made it out on a Sunday night! I hope everyone had fun, and I hope we can do this again! Happy Birthday to me! And congratz to my adventure buddy for his new job! A definite one-up in life!

Date: November 11, 2012

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