If you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve been obsessed with making costumes. I’ve been pondering about making an Oompa Loompa costume and doing shoots. My friend Alice told me about the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect event to be an Oompa Loompa for than this! I contacted my friends to see who would join me on being this crazy character. More people participated than I thought!

The Golden Ticket Crew

I spent an entire week making bowties and cuffs for 10 people! My friend Jayna helped me with making poof balls for our shoes! The cutest thing ever! I was so glad that she knew how to make them because they’re fun to make and fun to wear! They bounced everytime we took a step! So cute!

Making Bowties
Making Cuffs
The accessories

It was exhausting, but definitely worth it after seeing all the costumes together. The hair, makeup, bowties, cuffs, and poofballs made the Oompa Loompas! Say hello to this amazing crew!

Oompa Loompas Invade Hot Chocolate Run

I can’t thank these people enough for joining in on the fun and getting the rest of their costume and makeup together! Everyone did an amazing job! And great job on becoming the goofy character I wanted them to be!

I am proud to say that we were a hit! We couldn’t take 5 steps before getting stopped by someone who wanted to take a photo! We even made it on 3TV News! And 97.5 radio station took our photo. It was definitely a fun experience which we hope to do again! What will it be next?

A special thanks goes out to my adventure buddy and partner in crime, Ray! We couldn’t find a wig that fit him, so Jayna made him this awesome hoodie! Yey for DIY! He stayed on the side lines taking photos and supporting our crew! Always thank your photographer as they capture the important moments that you want to remember forever. =)

Oompa Love

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Date: December 9, 2012

Life Experience: Oompa Loompas Invade the Hot Chocolate Run



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