Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that the Philippines photos are done! We just have to sort through the thousand photos we took and write up a post! Sorry for the long delay! We’ve been busy with our craft (photography and costuming) and we are actively working on going back to write up some posts. For now, check out what we did over the weekend!

Since the Oompa Loompa Invades the Hot Chocolate Run was such a success, Jayna went ahead and planned on going to the Graffiti Run! Thanks to Groupon, we got discounts on the registration fee. We went as “Rad Scientists”. Check out the photos!

Thanks to Jayna for this awesome idea!



The obligatory before and after photo:

Getting painted. Graffiti Run 5K 2012.

The scientists have gone mad!!! The color powder is light, but if you get pummeled by color, it might still not come off. So wear something that you wouldn’t mind getting stained. They provide free white t-shirts so you can use that also. The colors do show up on black clothing well if you would rather wear black! It was a blast! In the future, I’d love to go to Holi Festival of Colors in India, but this is great practice!

What’s it like to run and play with colors? Watch the video!


Date: January 6, 2013

Life Experience: Graffiti Run

Location: Peoria, Arizona

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