We celebrated our four years early in May. With the many vacation hours we have already and will take this year, we couldn’t leave town to celebrate. We decided that we would stay in town and do things we have never done in town before. Luckily, a meteor shower fell the early morning of our anniversary. We went up Canyon Lake to see some shooting stars. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and the city lights can still be seen, but we managed to see maybe 2 or 3 shooting stars that night.




After the sun rose, we ate breakfast at Superstition Restaurant and Saloon. It looks like an old western town outside the restaurant and the theme carried on inside. We sat on saddles by the bar. The vibe was great and if you ever come into the bar, make sure you check out their bathroom!


Later that day, we went to Tempe Town Lake and had a drunken picnic. That’s right, we’ve never gone on a picnic! The weather was perfect! We had cheese and wine and strawberries and crackers and pineapples…






It was a nice relaxing day. The calm before the craziness that will become of our Summer 2013.


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