by guest writer: Leigh Marcos

The sunshine state also holds some darker secrets that aren’t as well know. With a colourful

and violent history, it is no wonder that California also has a reputation for paranormal and

psychic past. With notable historic events, such as the Gold Rush and the Indian massacres,

contributing to many a ghostly experience. Many of these strange goings on often occur on a

number of haunted hiking trails found in the state. You would have to be one brave hiker to

even contemplate attempting these hikes.

Murphy Ranch, Santa Monica

During the 1930s as Hitler’s Germany were becoming more prominent, a group of Nazi

sympathizers attempted to build an Aryan utopia on Murphy’s Ranch. During the building of

this evil site, many local children went missing under suspicious circumstances. All that is

left is creepy staircases and abandoned buildings, and of course the ghosts of the children.

Bodie Ghost Town

This town has been uninhabited for a long time but there is no doubt that it is haunted. Those

that once lived there might have vacated it but their ghosts are still hanging around. You can

still smell cooking, notice the woman watching you from the abandoned homes and hear the

giggling girl in the cemetery.

Haunted Forest, Altadena

Murder, witchcraft, burnings and Lynching’s highlight the dark and bloody history of the

haunted forest in Altadena. Sightings of figures hanging from trees, a sense of being followed

and apparitions are just a few notable horrors reported by hikers so dare to walk through the


Niles Canyon, Fremont

The ghost of a woman, dressed in a torn and bloodstained white dress haunts this hiking trail.

She was struck by an oncoming car after being thrown from her carriage. You are brave if

you dare to drive through Niles Canyon and even more daring if you choose to trek it as

hikers are reported to disappear from this trail.

Hollywood Sign

Back in 1932, an actress called Peg Entwhistle climbed the “H” of the famous Hollywood

sign and through herself from it, falling to her death. Later a hiker found a suicide note

amongst her belongings. She was buried and cremated in Ohio but it is reported that people

witnessed her ghost falling from the sign and disappearing before hitting the floor. Her ghost,

matching her description and wearing the same clothes, has also been seen wandering the haunted nearby hiking trails

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