Boat adventure enthusiasts, this is for you!

On our second day in Queenstown, we decided to go for a jet boat tour. I would say this was a great way to start the trip as you get picked up by a bus who gives you a little history on Queenstown while you’re on the drive to Skipper’s Canyon! The bus driver is not only informative, but also comical! You’ll learn a lot about the town itself as well as the surrounding areas. He actually told us about visiting Glenorchy which was an insanely scenic drive! Tons of information from this guy!

You’ll get to stop at some locations, and he’ll be willing to take photos for you!

You’ll be taking a drive down some tiny roads and remote locations where mining for gold used to happen back in the day…

Skippers Canyon is beautiful and you’ll definitely be in for the ride! This boat is fast, navigating close to rockwalls! You better hold on because the boat does 360 turns multiple times! This ride is not for relaxation! Don’t worry though! New Zealand’s adventures are for all ages! We saw kids, as young as 7 years old, along with seniors riding the boat! It made me realize that I can¬†adventure forever!

After the ride, you get to visit this cute cabin, so you can purchase the photos taken by the company! Yes, there were cameras right in the canyon!¬†We didn’t purchase them as we were equipped with our own GoPro, but this view was stunning!

Overall, it was a great way to start your adventures! Get to know the town on the informative bus ride, get your adrenaline warmed up on the boat ride, and see the city!

Date: November 9, 2016

Location: Skippers Canyon, New Zealand

Company: Skippers Canyon Jet Boat


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