The Skyline Luge ride was our first adventure in New Zealand! The luge is a unique non-powered vehicle going down a downhill track, using gravity. There are twists and turns! I was honestly afraid of going too fast and tipping over, but you can brake whenever you want! Plus, there were kids and seniors riding the ride, so it wasn’t too bad! It made me wish my parents were there, so they can adventure with us!

We bought tickets to 2 luge rides each! I got used to going fast on the second ride, so I would suggest buying at least 4 rides! The more rides you buy, the cheaper it gets! It gets more and more fun the more you go as you get used to the track and to driving. There are 2 tracks to take. One is more scenic, the other has more twists and turns!

You go up the gondola in order to ride. Queenstown is very beautiful, so seeing the view from the top is already worth the money!


There were wild sheep on the way up the mountain just gnawing on grass! They were so adorable!

At the top, you can take pictures of the glorious view of Queenstown! We couldn’t get enough of it! The snowcapped Remarkables as the backdrop and Lake Wakatipu surrounding the town. Queenstown was the most polished of all of New Zealand, but also the most expensive. You get what you pay for! It was definitely worth the money!

If you do have a GoPro, plan on bringing your helmet mount! Some of the helmets they provide do have a GoPro mount already on them! You need both hands to steer, so you won’t be able to record just holding the camera.

You can see the twists and turns of the track here.


Just looking at these photos make me wish I was in for another ride!


Afterwards, we ate at the cafe right at the top. Not only did we have a wonderful view of the city, we also had a view of all kinds of adventurers! If you mountain bike, it is huge here in New Zealand! You may rent your bike and equipment here and go down this same mountain. There were also paragliders departing from this same mountain! Adventures wherever you turn! And don’t forget about the random wild mountain goats feeding on the lush green grass just right next to you…

Date: November 9, 2016

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Luge Company: Skyline Luge

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