Photographs never capture the feeling you get when you are in immense nature! Miford Sound is a fiord in New Zealand’s south island that we were lucky enough to see!

We stayed at Te Anau and drove to Milford Sound bright and early! It was about a 2 hour scenic drive. We parked, made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast in our camper van, and ate right in front of this fantastic view, promising a great adventure ahead!

Then we walked towards the dock. As all walks here in New Zealand, it was filled with paths along nature. Picturesque every where you turn, so don’t forget that camera!

At the dock, you’ll meet many boats that take you around the fiord. You can also go kayaking here! Kayaking will get you closer to waterfalls and wildlife. I would definitely kayak here when we make it back! It’s a great workout and is much more intimate with nature than cruises are.

We took the Cruise Milford and got on a boat to cruise the fiord. It’s a smaller boat than others and they limit the cruise to 40 people, so you’re guaranteed to get a great view of the wildlife hangin out here! We saw quite a few seals, but we’ve heard that in colder months, you can also spot whales and dolphins!

Teenage seals being their lazy selves

The cruise does not offer lunch, but you can help yourself to cookies, tea, and coffee! Here, we came inside to warm our toes a little!

We were told that it always rains here, but we got super lucky catching Milford Sound on a sunny day! It’s most definitely windy though, so bring your best windbreakers!

You’ll get spectacular views of multiple waterfalls! There must’ve been at least 5 of them. Of course, the photos make them look tiny, but they were majestic in person! The closer you get to them, the windier it is! Be prepared to get wet!

We opted to stop at the underwater aquarium on the way back which you can add to any cruise! It was literally underwater, so the fish you sea in this aquarium are in the wild! If anything, we’re the ones caught in a tube that fishes come to watch! You go down the stairs into a circular, underwater room with windows so you can see the aquatic wildlife living in Milford Sound. The tour guide can answer any questions you may have! It was more interesting than I thought it would be viewing wild aquatic creatures! It’s a must see!

On the way back, you’ll have a choice to stop at multiple amazing places! That will be a new post on its own, so stay tuned! The fun never stops!

Date: probably November 13,2016

Location: Milford Sound, New Zealand

Cruise: Cruise Milford Sound

More photos for your viewing pleasure:


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