Tauranga was a great accidental find! With a beach so beautiful,¬†it’s not hard to believe that this is New Zealand’s fifth largest city!

We had heard from a local we met at a camp site about Tauranga. He didn’t say much, but we had the chance to stop on the way to Rotorua from Auckland. We only spent a few hours here, but I definitely could have stayed a few more days!

It was too cold to really get in the water at the time, but I can imagine this beach getting packed. You can see a clear view of Mount Maunganui from the beach. It’s so picturesque, you would think someone designed this city-scape!

You can beach, you can mountain, you can wine…you can park on the lot and cook bacon right by the beach!

We spent most of the time trying to take photos of our new ring! We got engaged in Te Anau inside a glow worm cave. No photography was allowed, so we got to keep that experience on a very personal level! I can’t quite explain too much, but it was super dark, on a boat, with glow worms above us! When he opened the box, the ring made my face glow.

I am no longer the girlfriend. I am now The Lord…of the Ring. =D

Our first #followmeto photos came after our engagement in Te Anau! We took quite a few, and it’s hard to pick a favorite!


The guidance of the hand, the adventurous background, and even the bottle of wine explains our relationship pretty damn well! As you can see, the travel background is not of the “restful vacation” kind. The rough rocks, the stormy skies, the heavy jacket…our travel adventures are that of the less comfortable!¬†Always pushing to see how much of our comfort foundation we can shake!

Pssst…you can bring alcoholic drinks anywhere in New Zealand! If it doesn’t say “No drinking zone,” then you’re good! New Zealand trusts that you can have a responsible good time!

Date: Probably November 17, 2016

Location: Tauranga, New Zealand


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