There are plenty to do at the Whakarewarewa ForestĀ in New Zealand! If you mountain bike, this is your playground! If you hike, this is your playground! If you’re touring, you can take The Redwoods Treewalk! This is exactly what we did. You’ll find tons of information about The Redwoods, the logging industry, and some of the wildlife living here.

You’ll be walking from tree to tree on wooden bridges. There are so many connections thatĀ it seems like it could contain a village! Yes, the bridges swing while you’re walking through. If you have fear of heights, this might be the best time to conquer it! Let the beauty of nature be your distraction!

New Zealand grown redwood has slightly lower density than Californian timber, so they grow faster. Still, it takes decades for these trees to grow! Forestry exports have created forest plantations in New Zealand. Planting trees, waiting about 35 years, then chopping them up for export! As we drove around the country, it was quite interesting seeing grown trees all lined up in a grid formation! Nature lined up in a non-organic way, it was quite a trip! Then, the disheartening site of rows and rows of tree stumps. I guess it’s a good thing they replant them!

Take a peek at our video to get a sense of the peaceful excitement this tree walk offers! It’s definitely a sight to see for any age!

We happened upon this area during the day, so we took the tour daytime. We did see some amazing photos of this at night, so if this is a planned stop for you, it is best viewed at nighttime! Again, this is another place we wanna come back to for a neon forest experience! It looks like a totally different world by nightfall.

Date: around November 16,2016

Location: The Reedwoods Treewalk, New Zealand

More photos for your viewing pleasure:


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