Rotorua, New Zealand is filled with volcanoes. There are tons of geothermal walks. The city even smells like it!

We took a chance to check out Waimangu Volcanic Valley. It takes you right in the middle of geothermal activity. It’s a surreal feeling looking at bubbling lake beds, ¬†knowing that it is coming from the Earth’s core. This is not theatrics, my friend! It is happening naturally!

What’s even more shocking is how close they let you get to it! If anything falls in there, it disintegrates! Just be careful that you don’t drop any thing. Not only will you never get that item back, but you don’t want to disrupt nature as the New Zealanders are very protective of it.

There are plenty of reading materials along the way, speaking about the last couple of times this volcano has erupted, or a time when tourists broke the rules and didn’t live to tell about it.

It was very warm in this area (obviously!), so dress comfortably. Unlike us!

We took tons of photos along the way! It will take about an hour or two to walk through this if you take tons of photos like we did! There is a shuttle bus available at the end that can take you back to your parking lot. Just make sure to check the bus drop off and pick up times, and get to it at your most convenient time! If you’re taking the boat ride at the end, check to make sure you’re there on time!

Date: November 2016

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

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