We’re back for more adventures! Zorbing was hands down my favorite activity in New Zealand! I could do this one over and over if I could!

We were in Rotorua and went to OGO, owned by the original inventors of zorbing! There are two tracks to choose from: the straight track and the sidewinder track. Of course, the sidewinder track was the best! It was a few minutes of downhill, ball rolling on a criss cross path.

What to expect:

You’ll be in a large ball with water (cold water in the summer, warm water in the winter) in it, so make sure to bring your bathing suit and a towel.¬†Forgot? They’ll have some for you to borrow! There are places to change, so not to worry! A truck will pick you up from the bottom of the hill and¬†take you to the top.

At the top, they had a jacuzzi for us to sit and keep our butts warm while we wait for the instructor to get our ball ready. This was super helpful as we visited New Zealand in November and was still quite breezy! We watched other balls drop down the hill, getting us even more excited for the experience!

When the ball is ready, you hop in it standing up. They make you walk forward, plunging into your death! Or in this case, a blissful, uncontrollable ride where you know nothing of what’s going on! The ball will go slow, go fast, stop for a second, then keep going! Throughout the ride, you wonder if it’s over, but it’s not! And you hope for it to never be over!

Here’s a short clip of our experience! You won’t feel the butterflies in your stomach up until you’re in it, so you better write this one down on your to do list!

Date: November 2016

Location: Rotorua, NZ

Company: OGO Rotorua

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