I wish I could re-live this weekend…

The weekend before, I had gone to Pitch-A-Tent. A camping trip where I learned to fall in love with my friends, flaws and all! I had spent the week trying to think of ways of how I can do this with my girls of BOSS. Little did I know that this was exactly what was going to happen on our second annual anniBOSSary trip!

There’s so much to say, but I just want to stop and recollect what happened.

Thanks to Lillie’s dad, the six of us got to take the Toyota Sequoia out to San Diego, all of us in one car. The adventure had already begun on the car ride there! Veronica freaking out about how Lillie drives. The usual! Super personal secrets from the awkward phase in high school were shared. We laughed and laughed!

We happened upon a packed Arco to gas up the car. There were lines and lines of cars. When we finally got to fill up, we realized why there was such a long line! The gas took sooooo long to fill! We had been there for what felt like 20 minutes and it was still only at $16. When we were almost at $20, all six of us counted loudly, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6…” and clapped for joy at ONE!” It was the most exciting time I’ve had filling up a car! Then I knew, the weekend was going to be a group adventure!

Getting to San Diego, driving past a beach roller coaster, checking into the beautiful beach house (thanks to airbnb!), and after doing groceries, Lillie encouraged us to go to sunset cliffs! We barely caught the sun set with the soothing breeze blowing in our hair! We sat on the cliffs observing the serene view. It was the perfect welcome from San Diego!

Bui was craving sushi, so we grabbed a quick bite for dinner and went back home. Lillie had brought up doing a new moon ritual as it was the new moon for the month of July. I was all for it as I am obsessed with setting goals! It was my first new moon ritual, and a few of us girls sat and watched Cici as she laid down some crystals, lit some candles, burned sage, and told us to write our goals on a piece of paper to be burned at the end.


Olivia offered to share one of her goals and each of us took turns sharing one of ours. A few brave souls shared some really personal battles they have been going through. It really put into perspective how much it heals to let your feelings out, and how strong you have to be as a human being to let your vulnerabilities show. Tears were shed, written goals were burned into the universe, and souls were more understood by each other. Instantly, we grew closer. I thank those who shared their personal experiences and those who accepted and supported them!
Cici made some tea at the end, using the only six cups  (perfect for us!) available from the cupboards. Each bags of tea came with a saying. We got goosebumps when we saw that all of them reflected what we had just shared with each other! The universe was talking to us!

Afterwards, we walked to the beach and was happily surprised to have found out that it was only about 30 seconds away! It was night time, the boats were still, the breeeze soothed our skin, and we stared in awe at the way Olivia moved her LED hoop! We had the beach all to ourselves! We took off our shoes and stuck our feet in the ocean. Again, I was baffled at how the water temperature that whole weekend was actually really nice! We lied down on the sand and looked up, pointing at shooting stars. The night felt like the stuff you’d read from novels! A perfect night.

We went back to the house and filled the rest of our nights with more laughter. It was about 6am already. After gogo dancing the night before and driving 5 hours early in the morning, we were all surprised at how much energy we had! And we still had to wake up early for a kayaking trip in La Jolla! I didn’t expect anyone to wake up on time, but…

I woke up to Olivia’s cooking. I took a shower and helped Cici make her famous banana pancakes. There was a platter of fruits with cherries, watermelons, blueberries, and strawberries just so inviting! Eggs, hashbrowns, and banana pancakes with yogurt and fruits! The breakfast of champions! We left close to 10am ready to take on the waves!

We checked in at La Jolla’s Bike and Kayak Tour, with our witty tour guides! We grabbed a GoPro, put on our helmets, and walked to the beach with the sun saying, “Good morning!” Seriously, the sun was just the right amount of heat and light to guide us through our short journey to the caves! The tour guides mentioned that the beach water was on record heat of 70 degrees! If you don’t know California beaches, they get about as “hot” as 60 degrees in the summer! We are soooo lucky to be here at this time! We were even able to enter a cave that can only be entered when there are no waves and the weather is just right! Bui and Olivia faced their fears and went on kayaking! We had an absolutely giddy time, laughing with our tour guides and saying hi to the sea lions! This was the closest I had ever been to them! Check out the video below for the highlights!


We went home to pick up Lillie and Veronica to grab a late lunch. Then, we got prettied up for our 20s flapper themed night! We were yelping and giggling, excited about each other’s outfits! We drove on the way to Cici’s surprise! A music video shoot with artist Charlie Rae! Our heels tapped the pavement as we walked into the studio. Charlie was the kind of girl who knew exactly what she wanted! She directed us, we danced, we played off each other, the lights flickered, lasers beamed, fog spread across the room…we got complimented after every shot! They loved us so much, they shot a promo video for us! We spent an hour playing the Pussycat Dolls and partying while we shot the video! This life is just the bee’s knees!

We watched the videos and pointed at each other as each of us killed it on camera!

We absolutely cannot wait for the video to come out, but just having that night with the girls was perfect enough! Thanks to Cici for setting up such a fun and successful shoot!

We hit traffic on the way to the Gaslamp District, walked around in heels looking for late night food, and boy was that an adventure! We walked a couple of blocks back and forth, got into a crowded place, got harassed by some drunk guy. Bui to the rescue as she smacks his face with a magazine! The night zoomed! We walked back out into the street, getting hollered at left and right, walked into a small pizza joint, left. And finally got into a 24 hour breakfast place! We quickly shared an appetizer sampler, tired and hangry as ever! BUT! We still managed to make it into The Noble Experiment speakeasy with one hour left to share a cocktail! With skull filled walls, moving paintings, a red velvet ceiling, and a cozy intimate environment all behind a wall of beer kegs, the secret made us feel part of a high class society. We toasted to another perfectly adventurous night!

We got plenty of attention that night and looking back at it now, I realized how gorgeous we were as a set of girls, looking fancy, painting the town red at the Gaslamp District! We made it home, and I dragged everyone back out to the beach to take a snapshot in our dresses! This beach is unforgettable!

We walked back to the house to get comfortable. Eating a late night snack with Olivia as our DJ, we laughed, danced…We got startled with a loud knock on our door, “Can you guys close this door?” We forgot that it was a Sunday night at about 4 in the morning! In her skivvies, Olivia ran to the door, “I’m sorry!” closed the door and turned down the music. We couldn’t believe it was our last night! Sirens blared, “Ugh! They told us to quiet down and the sirens are super loud! …You hear that?!?”

We quieted down to a whisper and heard yelling and arguing from the neighbor’s yard nearby. Our nosy asses ran to the windows to take a peak!

“Suspect running down the alley,” a cop mentioned on the radio. Like cockroaches, we scattered! Turned off the lights, closed all the windows and doors, and crowded around a window! Veronica hears, “You can’t tell me what to do in my own house!” We rushed to Cici and Bui’s room, found them in their birthday suits, just out of the shower, completely clueless. We whispered in panic, “Someone’s getting arrested!” We’ve had just about all types of excitement by this moment! We slept around 5 or 6 or…maybe 7am when the rush died down. Check out was at 11am, and we still had to pack.

We woke up at 8 or 9am , packed up our bags, cleaned the kitchen, sliced the watermelon, packed for the beach, and drove just a few blocks back to the roller coaster we eyed every day. Belmont Park, in front of Mission Beach, had this old school wooden roller coaster that we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on! We got in line and kept laughing and joking around about the ride! “Look! The highest point doesn’t even have a steep drop! This is for kids!” We waved our hands around at how easy this was going to be! We got on, took a group selfie, and screamed in joy and excitement when the ride started!

Soon, we realized that the roller coaster was going the other way, and not only was the drop steep, it was winding! The roller coaster went a thousand miles an hour more than we thought it could! Our excited screams turned into uncomfortable laughter as we held on to our seats! The ride was faster and longer than we thought! What a surprise! When the ride stopped, we just looked at each other and laughed!

We met up with Veronica after and shared a funnel cake and cookies n cream ice cream on the walk to the beach. Again, the weather couldn’t be any more perfect. We ate our snacks, made sand art, and got pooped on by a pelican. The excitement never stops!

We drove to Evolution fast food to grab a quick lunch and took it to Balbo Park. We ate and walked around for our last little adventure before we headed back home! San Diego couldn’t be any more pretty!

It was raining on the way back to AZ, and you wouldn’t believe it when I say that we saw AND drove under a massive double rainbow past Yuma! Of course, pictures just don’t cut this heavenly image! It was a perfect welcome back from good ol’ Arizona!

Before heading home, we extended our hangout and helped Bui pick out a cake for her boo as a congratulatory present for his new job! We bought balloons, Veronica wrote on the cake and a few of the girls helped drop it off. Going home was bittersweet as we were tired, but couldn’t believe the hangout was over!

We are now constantly looking forward to the next adventure!

Date: July 22-24, 2017

Location: San Diego, CA

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