I don’t go to festivals to see musical acts that are listed on the lineup. I don’t even look at the lineup.

When I started BOSS, I thought I was just going to have fun dancing and costuming. What BOSS taught me was that I was capable of finding what a person is good at and I enjoyed elevating that. 

I created Riff Tide to give my girls a platform to do what they love. To produce a show where I can grab what fam does best and create a platform for them to enjoy sharing it with everyone. Rose with singing, Jessica and Jayna with dancing, Marben’s humor and natural hosting abilities, Ray with stage design and lighting, Deo’s credibility to judge a person’s musical performance. 

My favorite part about creating Riff Tide was getting to know another side to Holden. Why didn’t I know that he played the guitar? Who knew he was a sound guy? He saved Riff Tide by tweaking with the speaker controls. Yoda playing guitar riffs was a whole unique vibe only Holden has.

Marben’s face says it all

I created a platform for people to do something they normally do in their rooms, air guitar. Sharing my friends’ gifts and seeing people free themselves on stage gives me life! All of our love booming from the stage to the audience. Laughter ensued, so I’ve done my job. Who knew Rebecca could kill it on stage?

I don’t go to festivals to see musical acts that are listed on the lineup.

I go to music festivals to see what other people’s interests/hobbies are and their way of showcasing it.

We’ve always gotten the best craft beer recommendations from Tylar and Lindsey. They enjoy holding get togethers for the crew. Naturally, they manned the bar serving up Mai Tais and Island Breezes and provided a place to lounge. It’s the best way to attract people to our Island in the Woods and get them to stay!

ZanZari’s custom made necklaces, created with local flowers, making everyone smile with their thoughtful and professionally made gift! You can see their personality in each of the necklace designs!

Dewomp’s beautiful camp had a tea canopy to which I can only assume there’s a tea connoisseur somewhere, serving us the love of taste. Ray and I happened upon their camp with a guitarist performing on their stage at sunset. There were about 5 people there, including us, watching him as his love envelopes us through acoustic guitar notes. There was a girl in the audience who started playing the tambourine to highlight his music. A special connection you mostly only see in small, unofficial stages!

The stage in our camp with a simple island vibe, attracted a beatboxer. Zan sat down on Saturday night wondering why he has never seen a beatboxer live before. An hour later, a guy came up and asked if we had a live microphone, “Why?” we ask, and he continued with, “…I’d like to beatbox for you guys.” Small, unofficial stage with an audience of 10 people. His love reverberated through the microphone, melting every single one of our hearts. Thanks for manifesting this for us, Zan!

Getting to hang out with Charlie and seeing him enjoy messing with people as they marvel at his fire clock creation, “Push any button…NOT THAT ONE! …haha!” He knew so much about fire, programming arduinos, building a clock…he started with learning one thing, and he grew to become a multi-level artist.

This was an interactive art installation for us! Thanks, Charlie!

Seeing Daniel grow from truffula trees to LED cloud vortex, he’s adding levels to his artistry. We are proud that he is an Island in the Woods resident.

After Charlie shared the button that sparks his artwork, I was inspired to go on more adventures. I rode the doggo mutant vehicle that took us to Walter camp. I finally climbed the net hanging on the trees above. I was curious yet too afraid to climb the first night, but someone put it there to get me out of my comfort zone. To show people that comfort zones are worth leaving.

Had I not climbed it, I wouldn’t have learned Rose’s point of view and why she loved looking up from the net to see the trees beautifully framing the night sky. To watch the people hang out at the bar from the top is another vibe uniquely felt by the brave and curious of that weekend.

The night was so good, I had the best time playing a classic game someone decided to share: Jenga. I was so relaxed and open to experiences, the night rewarded me with a connection to MoonTricks’s music on the main stage. Finally vibing and dancing at an official stage on Sunday night was icing on the cake.

Every single person has the potential to make someone’s day. Whether that’s with a performance, an artwork, a pouring of free alcohol, a free ride on a mutant vehicle, an inspiring conversation. Feel free to share your love and interests with us! When you’re surrounded by makers and doers, you might just custom build a simple lounge chair that benefited plenty of nappers and resters, day and night. And you said you’re not a builder…

It takes a crew to run this ship! These art installations, these performances, these lounge areas, would be difficult without the minds and the hands of friends figuring out logistics of building and tearing down. We would not have the energy if it wasn’t for those who cooked for the crew. The camp would be empty if it wasn’t for the driver who brought the u-haul. Reminiscing wouldn’t be as sweet without the photographers and videographers of our camp! Thank you for sharing!

Every single person has something they can provide that benefits camp. We’re all amateurs here trying to figure out how to run a theme camp!

If you don’t get anything from this post, I hope you get this: Your skills don’t have to be perfect. What’s important is that it was shared.  

June Jam 2021 Camp Crew

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