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Hello! We are Ray and Alexis, and we started in May 2010 to encourage people of all ages to travel. speech writers for hire We believe that traveling has plenty of benefits including learning different cultures, experiencing what the world has to offer, and gaining independence. includes different ideas on where to go, what to do, and tips on those adventures. We’re hoping that you find our travels interesting enough to want to travel yourself!

Why “World Tag”?

The term “world tag” began as a joke. Before Ray and I said farewell to our singlehood, I told him that I am studying abroad for four months, and being in a long distance relationship is the last thing on my mind. With a smile on his face, he said, “Then we’ll play world tag. You’ll see me wherever you go.” Challenge accepted! He was true to his word, and we have enjoyed traveling together ever since. We found more and more places of interest, and we plan on keeping tags on the cities we have been to. Many of our friends have asked, “How do you guys do it?” is our “how to” gift to you!

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Keep Traveling!

Burning Man 2011

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  1. Hey! Just found your site while searching for some Havasu Falls tips. This place is rad! Seems like we like to travel to the same places … I just got back from Purgatory ski trip myself! Keep up the posts and the encouragement for the rest of us to keep on travelin’!

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